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What Makes My Desserts So Special?

Soaking Nuts and Grains

I’m glad you ask. Well, it’s all down to my conscious approach to ingredients and the processes of preparation. My years of ballet training, trying out various nutritional programmes, not to mention my personal interest in healthy eating, have taught me to pay the most particular attention to every ingredient I add to my treats. I am not vegan but eating raw vegan desserts is a perfect way:

  • to treat myself without feeling enormously guilty for my body;
  • to give my family members a much-needed, healthy and exciting source of energy that goes hand-in-hand with their hectic schedule;
  • to add vitamins, minerals and good gut bacteria I would never find in baked desserts as they would simply not survive the high cooking temperatures.

When I add a nutritious syrup or powder I not only think what colour or texture it would add to my desserts, but also what the body needs: shall I add lavender for relaxation, maca to give energy levels a boost, carob to improve my mood or organic maple syrup to boost my daily manganese intake?

From my experience, many raw vegan recipes one finds online do not come out right or don’t taste great because they are too simplified. For instance, to make the cream for a cheesecake, it is simply not enough to blend nuts with water. There is so much more to it. Going through the right processes while preparing desserts, I can transform them into superfoods that will help you not only reach your sweet tooth satisfaction but also look after your body, mind and senses.

My approach is a wholesome approach – not only to dessert preparation, but also to the human body.

The cream for my cheesecake is still made of nuts, but it is a nutritious, homemade probiotic product containing millions of dairy-free, healthy gut bacteria, which improves and heals your digestive system from the inside out.

Before I add them to my desserts, all seeds and nuts are soaked and then dried in a dehumidifier, timed individually to each type of seed and nut to neutralise their phytic acid. If the acid is not neutralised properly, the absorption of nutrients will be blocked and this will lead to deficiencies, which is the completely opposite effect to what I make my desserts for.

The sweetness in my desserts is also natural. For those clients who prefer a low GI option, I use a prebiotic sweetener, which balances blood sugar levels, promotes healthy metabolism and intestinal microflora. For others who prefer more caramel notes I use unprocessed coconut sugar, which unlike white or brown sugars contains zinc, iron and lots of antioxidants, which help prevent cancer and promote immunity. I do not use honey, but I do use organic Canadian maple syrup, which was recently proven to have almost the same properties in fighting inflammation and free radicals as green tea. Maple syrup contains over fifty antioxidants, calcium and potassium – and a small amount of it provides your recommended daily dose of manganese and almost half of daily intake of riboflavin.

All my ingredients are absolutely natural – additional aromas and flavours come from food-grade essential oils, not colourings or additives. Thickeners and stabilisers are also natural, containing vitamins and minerals with added benefits for the body. Where possible I always use homemade ingredients. This includes homemade vanilla extract, which I carefully prepare for over three months!

In the end, all this hard work pays off because my clients feel happy, stay healthy and my desserts – even though made with calorific ingredients – do not lead to weight gain because they are nutrient-dense, not stored but are easily absorbed by the body to help its daily functions.

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