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Raw Vegan Desserts

The mindful, loving care I have for the ingredients is supported by my holistic approach to dessert-making overall. Everything is made to order and delivered to you as soon as it’s ready!

Every morsel of a sweet, cake or cookie is made from scratch from wholesome and (where possible) organic ingredients. My dark chocolate is made using organic raw cocoa and organic, sustainably sourced cacao butter. It takes me three months to make my own vanilla essence (yes, three months!), but it is so worth it because I know exactly what is in it and the flavour and aroma is incomparable to store-bought. Choosing the vanilla beans to use is a journey in its own right. Almond milk, hazelnut milk, cashew cream, date paste, kombucha and other ingredients are lovingly made at home with fresh, filtered water.

To make sure I use all the right processes and ingredients, I went on a raw desserts course. Using this experience, coupled with my research and knowledge of healthy eating goals, the nutritional value of every food item and the human body’s relationship with food, I am now in a position to create something that is truly beneficial. My raw desserts did help my husband lose weight, they did make me a happier, cravings-free woman, and they are just so amazingly healthy, unprocessed and beautiful. I’m not in the business to make them picture-perfect; each dessert comes out different. Each is packed with its own feeling, made in my kitchen to the sound of different music.  I make my raw vegan “Snickers” snacks to the energetic and carefree tunes of classic New Orleans jazz – fun, bold, whimsical.  My Russian pies ask for nostalgic yet cheery songs from old-timey Soviet children’s cartoons – happy and excited about things to come. While my strawberry cheesecake is undeniably  French – classy, stylish and romantic, made to the music of my Parisian café playlist. I’ll admit some of my desserts come out a little uneven or with tiny bubbles on the smooth surface, but they are homemade with warm hands and a happy smile. Each one is unique.

Dessert-making demands all your senses and faculties. Aesthetics of form and décor, aromas of spices and creams, music and dance, physical effort and thoughtful contemplation, day-dreaming, analytical thinking, measuring, problem-solving, going with the flow, stressing and relaxing. I live a little life with each dessert!

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