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What Makes My Desserts So Special?

Soaking Nuts and Grains

I’m glad you ask. Well, it’s all down to my conscious approach to ingredients and the processes of preparation. My years of ballet training, trying out various nutritional programmes, not to mention my personal interest in healthy eating, have taught me to pay the most particular attention to every ingredient I add to my treats. I am not vegan but eating raw vegan desserts is a perfect way:

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Superfoods Rule!

Running out of the house with just a cup of coffee; no time for making kids porridge; dealing with healthy super foods is too much of a bother for you? Why not order a batch of healthy superfood chia pudding or a loaf of freshly baked vegan bread! Snacks are also covered with energy bars and balls. Easy to store and easy to grab when you need them. Green buckwheat bread with Russian style spice lightly toasted with a knob of butter is my family’s favourite.

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Deliciously Baked

Of course, being emotionally involved in my dessert-making, I could not leave out my all-time favourite recipes, loaded with memories of family and friends dear to my heart, or places I miss or feelings I have. Now, there are a few baked goodies that aren’t the most diet-friendly – they are here for pure joie de vivre. Yet, most of them are much healthier options if you really crave for something baked but don’t want to deviate from your clean-eating plans. Enjoy them!

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