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What Makes My Desserts So Special

Handmade to order, healthy, nutricious and delicious.

My approach is a wholesome approach – not only to dessert preparation, but also to the human body. Going through the right processes while preparing desserts, I can transform them into superfoods that will help you not only reach your sweet tooth satisfaction but also look after your body, mind and senses. I am not vegan but eating raw vegan desserts is a perfect way to: treat myself without feeling enormously guilty for my body; give my family members a much-needed, healthy and exciting source of energy that goes hand-in-hand with their hectic schedule; add vitamins, minerals and good gut bacteria I would never find in baked desserts as they would simply not survive the high cooking temperatures.

Raw Vegan Desserts

Guilt-Free Treats

Using my experience from the raw desserts course, coupled with my research and knowledge of healthy eating goals, the nutritional value of every food item and the human body’s relationship with food, I am now in a position to create something that is truly beneficial. My raw desserts did help my husband lose weight, they did make me a happier, cravings-free woman, and they are just so amazingly healthy, unprocessed and beautiful.


Raw Vegan Twix, Raw Vegan Snickers, Raw Vegan Mint & Dark Chocolate Sweets, Raw Vegan Chocolate Fudge

Cakes & Tarts

Raw Vegan Raspberry & White Chocolate Cheesecake, Vegan Gluten-Free Easter Cake, Pancho Cake, Guilt-Free Almond & Coconut Sugar Cake, Raw Vegan Chocolate Nutella Tart, Raw Vegan Tiramisu, Russian Apple Cake


Much Needed Dose of Superfoods

Running out of the house with just a cup of coffee or no time to make kids porridge or dealing with healthy super foods is too much of a bother for you? Why not order a batch of healthy superfood chia pudding or a loaf of freshly baked vegan bread! Snacks are also covered with energy bars and balls. Easy to store and easy to grab when you need them. Green buckwheat bread with Russian style spice lightly toasted with a knob of butter is my family’s favourite.

Sweet Energy Balls

Raw Vegan Snowballs, Raw Vegan Low GI Sweets, Raw Vegan Orange & Dark Chocolate Sweets, Raw Vegan Caramel & Chocolate Sweets

Chia Puddings

Superfood Chia Pudding, Raspberry Mousse Chia Pudding, Golden Milk Chia Pudding, Chocolate Chia Pudding

Deliciously Baked

When Diet Just Won't Do

Of course, being emotionally involved in my dessert-making, I could not leave out my all-time favourite recipes, loaded with memories of family and friends dear to my heart, or places I miss or feelings I have. Now, there are a few baked goodies that aren’t the most diet-friendly – they are here for pure joie de vivre. Yet, most of them are much healthier options if you really crave for something baked but don’t want to deviate from your clean-eating plans. Enjoy them!

Pies & Buns

Russian Meat Pies, Russian Cherry Pies, Russian Cabbage Pies, Sweet Cinnamon Mini Rolls, Chocolate, Hazelnut & Sesame Sweet Mini Rolls

Biscuits & Cookies

Guilt-Free Vanilla & Rice Flour Cookies, Spiced Christmas Cookies, Raw Vegan Jam Biscuits

What My Returning Customers Say

Liuba Clark

Could not resist the raw vegan snickers. I am watching my sugar intake and have special dietary requirements and Anastasia kindly altered the recipe to make sure I could still enjoy it. Snickers were fresh and made specially for me. Velvety dark chocolate was amazing! I requested the treats to be posted and they arrived so carefully packed and undamaged. I am so happy that these sweets are so delicious and yet guilt-free and have lots of nutritional value. Customer service and attention I received were fantastic.


Jeanna Sewall

I had a pleasure of eating Anastasia’s cakes and cookies when we worked together at the art gallery. Her Christmas baking sprees helped us through the busiest times. The smell of freshly baked dough was irresistible and we had to fight to get a piece! Now I'm ordering these goodies all for myself.

Art manager

Robin Hong

I have really enjoyed every single one of Anastasia's healthy desserts. I would never have thought that raw vegan desserts could be so delicious. The presentation has been exceptional with every dessert and you can really see the love and detail put into each dessert. My personal favourite is the vegan carrot cake which was beautifully layered, light and incredibly tasty. Keep up the great baking and I love that these are healthy too!

Software engineer

Marc Anderson

I have a serious sweet tooth and when I found out about Anastasia's raw treats, I was immediately hooked. Fresh, full of flavour and pure homemade treats you can eat without the excessive sugar in so many treats and deserts we get today. There is such an amazing variety but I have found my favourites and those would be the Raw Vegan Snickers and Chocolate Sweet mini Rolls which I simply cannot get enough of. Healthy, tasty, loaded with goodness and flavours to keep you coming back for more.

Project Manager

Alexandra S

Dear Anastasia, Wonderful cakes that are truly the healthy option! Vegan Raw Snickers and Raw Vegan Jam Biscuits arrived swiftly and in a good condition. Most have been eaten now, I have to say that my family enjoyed them as much as me! Thanks for a truly super service and I look forward to ordering some more very soon.

International Marketing Director

Kevin March

I am writing to tell you how pleased I was when I took delivery of your Raw Vegan Jam Biscuits and Raw Vegan Snickers. I so much have enjoyed treating myself to these delicacies. I am very happy I discovered your diet-friendly, guilt-free and nutritious desserts and their beneficial aspects to my health that can not be ignored. The Raw Vegan Jam Biscuits are now my forever favourite. I hope your business grows from strength to strength - you deserve every success.


Contacts & Delivery

Delivery is done locally and within central London, unless you decide to collect your treats from my place. I offer you a complimentary cup of rooibos tea upon collection!




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